Monday, October 15, 2012

Over the rainbow

I really couldn't help myself.  We all knew it was going to happen, it's Ireland after all.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a rainbow. 

I saw it when I was out walking Maybell.  Or was she walking me?  Shes does this thing were she holds her leash in her mouth so it's hard to tell who is actually leading the walk.  One of her many little quirks.

One of my big accomplishments last week?  Reversing into a tiny parking spot at the Crescent Shopping Mall.  I rarely ever did that in an automatic, let alone a manual transmission!  I've done it a few times now and I must say, I'm getting pretty decent.  Look how centered!  This one I think I only had to adjust 3 times.  The overall number of times that I stall out is much less as well.  Little victories people, take them when you can get 'em.

Saturday was probably one of the nicest, most relaxing days the Scarecrow and I have had in awhile.  Woke up at a respectable hour and then lounged in bed watching Top Gear (yes, we're that cool).  He then proceeded to make Nutella pancakes.  They're really crepes if we're being accurate but he refuses to concede that they're anything but pancakes.  Call them whatever you like, I love this man!  Got up, got grubby and went out to pick blackberries.  It's getting to the end of the season but we still got nearly 3 lbs. worth.  There's a field just by our house that has blackberry bushes all around it.  If you've never done it before I warn you, you've got to really want them.  We were out for a couple of hours to get that 3 lbs., not to mention the scars we are both sporting now from reaching through the thorns.

Came back, washed the dog (who was FILTHY after tramping through the field with us) and washed a couple of the cars.  We tried out a couple new recipes and surprised ourselves with how good they really were.  Going to have to keep those in the back pocket.  Yesterday as well was really nice.  I taught the Young Women's lesson and came home to find some company at the house.  My sister and brother in-law had made a lovely dinner and we all ate, relaxed and just enjoyed the day.

I don't really have an Irish quirk this week, but more of an observation.  I recently checked out the book Eat, Pray, Love from the library.  Yes, I now have a library card here.  I think that makes the move really official.  It's been a really great read, I was inspired to pick it up by my girl who is currently teaching English in Bali.  She is fabulous.  Anyway, even if you've seen the movie you'll remember when she is in Italy and they're talking about when a city has a word.  It's the thing that everyone seems to always be thinking, the word of the street that singularly defines the city.  Of course they go on to say that Rome's word is SEX while New York City is ACHIEVE.  I looked out the window and tried to think what the word on the street in Limerick is.  I'm sure others would contest me on this point, but I have to say that Limerick's word is HOPE.  Limerick was hit really hard by the recession, boasting one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  And yet the people here seem to hope for everything.  I hope I find a job, I hope the rain clears, I hope Ireland qualifies for the World Cup (in that case I think their word might be DELUSIONAL). 

What is the word on the street in your city? Post your city and your word here.  Doesn't matter if someone else has already posted for that city.  I'm excited to see what you all come up with.


  1. When I read that book I was living in Dallas and i decided the word there was build I think for Rexburg it's either marriage or kids