Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's a beautiful day

My desire to be on my computer, even to blog, has significantly diminished. That's because it is BEAUTIFUL in Ireland! Who wants to be inside on days like today? The temperature this week has ranged from 20-24C (68-75). My fellow Americans may be laughing but for here this is WARM. It's been great spending the week in shorts and a t-shirt. All the indications suggest that this is going to be a warm summer for us so I really hope that's true.

All the exciting summer plans are starting to creep up. The New Zealand part of the family comes next week. Also, Friday week (that's how we say "a week from Friday" here) we're going up to Dublin for the day for various odds and ends reasons. And you better believe one of those reasons is to eat burritos! Then the following week a big part of the crew head off to Croatia for 6 weeks. Whew! Bring it all on!

I've lapsed on posting more of the things we've been up to over the past couple of weeks. so I decided this is going to be a picture post more than anything else. They are certainly worth more than the words that I could write.

Lovely green walk by the river Shannon
Castle climbing with Toto and our friends near UL
Bridge over the Shannon near UL

Beautiful Castle behind UL
The view from the top of said beautiful castle

10 pm at night. Ridiculous!
Maybell won't give the ball back! One of the munchkins many dirty looks

Bank holiday with friends in Killaloe
The Shannon in Killaloe

The Scarecrow wants to rent a boat and come through here someday

Hello summer, welcome to Ireland

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  1. What a fun time you have been having. It was so fun to see and hug you when you were home to Oz!!