Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Lovin'

The Scarecrow has been reminding me that I have almost managed to blog at least once a month since I started and that the end of August is fast approaching. I have A LOT that I've needed to post and, as usual, I have more pictures than anything else. That's mostly what you people want anyway. But I am hoping to amp things up around here and have more posts on my DIY endeavors (a tricky thing around here), and various other pursuits.

So consider this post the catch up, summer in review post. In the next day or so I have plans for talking about goals, back to school madness, and crafting in a country that is not conducive for it.

Girls Camp fun! Top of the hike.

Sligo fun with friends

4th of July in the People's Park

Happy 1st Anniversary to us at Dromoland Castle!
Movie date night with Toto & Co.
Cannonball Run free car show. 98 million euro worth of cars!
Happy boy with a REAL NYPD car! Only one real cop though.

Childhood dream fulfilled

Yep, that's true love

Keep coming back over the next week for a format update and new blogging adventures!

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  1. loved loved loved all of this months blog, keep them fun loving summer and great to see after 12 months the sparks are still flying...isn't marriage you Ozzie kids mwah hahaha xxx