Friday, January 2, 2015

Major New Year's Catch Up

I know, I know, I can explain. The past few months have been absolutely hectic for me and my gang. It's impossible to backtrack and try and cover all of the points and places that I've been. I can give a teaser anyway. And so I'll explain what I mean with my annual...

2014 Year in Review

Moved into our own apartment

  We've really been happy here. There really is nothing like having our own space and creating our own home. We've had a great time hosting various get togethers, BBQ's, and even Thanksgiving. I still pinch myself. If you want the full run down on the apartment check out this post from earlier in the year.

Let's just cut right to the chase...I got pregnant!

I've actually been really spoiled with my pregnancy. I've been EXHAUSTED, nauseous, and downright moody (poor Scarecrow) but on the whole I haven't had it bad at all. So here we are, with only about 5 weeks left, and I'm ridiculously excited.

Got to play tourist and tour guide to some pretty cool Americans 

 I LOVE when friends come to visit. I live in an amazing country and I know it. I love showing it off and sharing my favorite places. Not to mention I get to be reminded what an actual American accent sounds like.

Helped to organize a nationwide youth conference for the teenagers in church

 This was a completely exhausting, frustrating, but worthwhile endeavor. The event took place over the August bank holiday weekend and involved housing, feeding, entertaining, and inspiring over 100 kids aged 14-18. It took months to organize and my poor Scarecrow took a lot of the brunt and burden, especially in an effort to make sure I didn't do too much. Besides the actual logistics beforehand he refused to go to bed before 3am every night of the conference in an effort to make sure the kids were safe in their houses. I love being around the teenagers and their happy, eager, good natures. But am I glad that it'll be another 6 years before we have to do something like this again? Absolutely. Immediately after the weekend the Scarecrow and I snuck off to a hotel and hid for a few days. There are few things that breakfast in bed and a trip to the spa won't cure.

 Watched my baseball team, the Kansas City Royals, make it not only to the post season, but to a league championship and to the World Series. 

I won't lie, I was really sad that I wasn't in KS for this. It was some October. I did my best to support the side from over here. I would wake up at all hours just to catch a few innings. Pregnancy insomnia was actually pretty convenient around this time. The Scarecrow even watched a few with me. I think I created another superfan. And as we always say in Kansas City, there's always next year. I think this time though people actually believe it.

It's never enough to look to the past. You've got to be willing to look forward as well. And we all know how I feel about lists. So here we go with my...

2015 To-do List

Have a baby
Not really an option here. Baby's coming one way or the other. I start my maternity leave in about 2 weeks and the baby is due about another 2 1/2 weeks after that. It's definitely starting to get real.
Figure out what I want to be when I grow up
I don't want to be a tech support agent for the rest of my life. I'd like to get into my field, but if that doesn't happen then I'm at least going to work on getting closer to what I really want. 

Create meaningful habits
That means spiritual habits, physical habits, and emotional habits. And yes, keeping up with my blog is one of those habits.

So here's to a new year with new and exciting adventures. Another year with my family, the ones I have and the ones I'll have soon. I can't wait to see where it all goes.


  1. I can't believe we went to Ireland!!! Thank you so much for hosting us. It was the highlight of my year and I feel incredibly blessed to have spent that time with you, check out your new place, and to be there with you at the beginning of your pregnancy! I feel like I got to be there for a good chunk of your exciting year. :) Cheers to the best year yet!

  2. I'm so excited for you! It looks like 2014 was a pretty awesome year. Get ready for the whirlwind that will 2015, because after you have a baby, time really flies.